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Wulin Heroes Chinese Series

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Synopsis Wulin Heroes Chinese Series

Ye Xi was the first to enter the earth; she is kind-hearted and strives to be a chivalrous heroine. She had lovely romantic and martial arts fantasies. She was adamant about taking on the powerful and aiding the helpless, but she was unaware of the evil essence of the human heart. She was continually taken advantage of, lied to, misled, and even murdered. He was betrayed by the “hero” he trusted and the “beloved man” he believed he could fight alongside in the world. His reputation was damaged, and he died a number of times. Ye Xi nonetheless stuck to her original goals despite suffering severe blows, firmly believing that justice always wins in people’s hearts and that evil should not triumph over good. She put in a lot of effort to uncover the facts and establish her innocence. He had the good fortune to be saved numerous times during this time by the miracle doctor Bai Yue, who discreetly watched over him the entire time and shared life and death. Ye Xi also matured through time, gained strength and self-assurance, and at last realized what true love and martial arts spirit were. Ye Xi transformed into a true martial arts gallant woman with Bai Yue’s assistance, eradicating the martial arts filth who had falsely accused her and caused havoc in the world.


The Changliu Mountain, the highest point in the Western Jin Dynasty and a place of exceptional people, is where Fenghua Valley is situated. Bai Yue, the business’s proprietor, is a well-known young medical fairy worldwide. Though few have seen his true face, he is an excellent swordsman and medical expert. Bai Yue has been experimenting with medicine for a long time, and she has discovered the cause of the illness. To survive, he must insist on taking ginseng. At the base of Changliu Mountain, ginseng fairy Ye Xi has been cultivating for countless years. She can cultivate into a human shape today and once more glimpse the sun. When Ye Xi awoke, she discovered that the only place close was Fenghua Valley. She walked there to take a look and saw Bai Yue practicing swordsmanship there. She like it a lot, therefore she had to remain hidden and keep an eye on Bai Yue’s every action. Alongside Bai Yue, Ye Xi hid. Despite the fact that he couldn’t see her, Bai Yue always had the impression that someone was standing next to him. As soon as Ye Xi noticed Bai Yue reading a book about ginseng, he blew the book away to stop Bai Yue from continuing. This action nearly led to Bai Yue finding her.

Ye Xi attentively examined Bai Yue’s sword manual after visiting Bai Yue’s room at night after Bai Yue had gone to sleep. Ye Xi took Bai Yue’s sword and went to the door to practice after reading the sword instruction. Bai Yue awoke unanticipatedly. Ye Xi lowered her blade and fled as soon as she heard Bai Yue cough. She reasoned that Bai Yue must have spotted her because she broke into the underground castle and chose a new hiding spot. In the basement palace, Ye Xi noticed a peculiar casket. She was compelled to open it and look inside. She even jumped inside the coffin to see what was inside. She unintentionally touched the palace’s subsurface machinery. Ye Xi nearly became sealed inside the coffin after touching the mechanism. She was fortunately removed from the casket by Bai Yue, who arrived just in time. After escaping the underground palace with Ye Xi, Bai Yue was unexpectedly hurt by a falling stone and was unable to get up and try to leave again. When Ye Xi noticed Bai Yue was hurt, he hurried over to block the stone for Bai Yue and cut out half of his roots to protect the victim.

Uncle Gray learned that there was a crisis in the beneath palace and arrived to save Bai Yue before Ye Xi had a chance to awaken her. First, Ye Xi had to depart. Uncle Hui came to Bai Yue’s aid, and she went back to her room. Ye Xi saw Bai Yue’s condition while no one else was around and was relieved to see that his wound had been treated by roots. In order to avoid Bai Yue, who had roots, from ingesting ginseng and injuring his body, Ye Xi removed the ginseng essence from Bai Yue as soon as he noticed that ginseng was still cooking in Bai Yue’s room. When Bai Yue awoke, he thought Ye Xi was next to him, but Uncle Hui entered and informed him that not even a girl in red could save him. After Uncle Hui had left, Bai Yue saw Ye Xi and inquired as to his identity. Bai Yue felt alright when he woke up after Ye Xi informed him that she was the ginseng fairy and asked him to get some rest. Ye Xi’s body was considerably weakened after saving Bai Yue, so she considered going elsewhere for a while to recuperate and train before returning to visit Bai Yue once more. The body of Bai Yue completely recovered six months later. When he gave the order to ask around regarding Ye Xi, he eventually discovered that the young Tang clan master Tang Yang had duped Ye Xi. He is currently being sought for by practitioners of the martial arts after turning become their public enemy.


Ye Xi was duped by Tang Yang into believing that the Burmese Pear Blossom Needle belonged to the Tang sect and had been appropriated by the Mo clan as his own. As a result, he assisted Tang Yang in recovering the Burmese Pear Blossom Needle. Tang Yang used the Momen’s vitality to cause it to be seriously hurt after obtaining the Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle, and then he annihilated the entire Momen in the name of getting revenge on the Momen. The sole surviving member of the Mo sect, Mo Rou, was later lured and seduced by Tang Yang, who then urged her to accuse Ye Xi of stealing the Heavy Rain Pear Blossom Needle and numerous sects’ martial arts secrets, thereby destroying the whole Mo sect and turning Ye Xi into a well-known opponent of the martial arts. Ye Xi didn’t intend to harm anyone, but in order to escape the numerous martial arts factions who were after him, he suffered severe injuries and nearly died. Tang Yang went to woo Ye Xi when he was badly hurt, saying that Ye Xi was the person he loved most. He assassinated Ye Xi with a heavy rain pear blossom needle while Ye Xi wasn’t ready. Ye Xi requested Tang Yang to bury her before she passed away, but Tang Yang threw her where she was.

Bai Yue immediately descended the mountain to save Ye Xi after learning about him, but it was already too late. Only burying Ye Xi deeply underground was an option, with the hope that one day Ye Xi might awaken. Ye Xi saw someone approaching as he woke up in a mass grave five years later. She attempted to ask for assistance but instead fell into the coffin. When Ye Xi reached out her hand to ask for assistance, it was misconstrued for the opening of a ghost door, scaring everyone away and even knocking a girl out cold. Ye Xi could only take a shower first because her body was so filthy. Since she didn’t understand why she was in a mass grave, she followed the script’s description and started fantasizing about her previous unpleasant experiences. Bai Yue suddenly appeared. When Bai Yue heard about the mass graves, he knew right away that Ye Xi had awoken. As a result, he went in search of Ye Xi and discovered that she had forgotten her past memories. Ye Xi simply felt Bai Yue was attractive; she was unaware of the history between them. However, Bai Yue saw that Ye Xi’s body needed to vomit the congestion out as soon as possible, so he urged her to accompany Ye Xi to the city so she could learn more about herself.


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