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Wrong Carriage, Right Groom China Series

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Synopsis Wrong Carriage, Right Groom China Series

Du Bingyan (played by Bai Bingke), the daughter of a prosperous businessman in the city, and Li Yuhu (played by Tian Xiwei), the daughter of a martial arts master in the city, were both married on the same day in Yangzhou City. The marriages of the two women appear to be pleasant to outsiders. While Yuhu will marry General Yuan Buququ, a significant officer of the empire, Bingyan will marry Qi Tianlei, the third son of Qi Mansion, a powerful merchant in Liuzhou, played by Ao Ruipeng. However, only they themselves are aware of the bitterness. While Yuan Buqu chose to marry Yuhu out of retaliation for being treated poorly by the Li family in the past, Qi Tianlei hurried to get married since he was weak and fragile. It began to rain heavily as the two women were covertly sobbing in the sedan chair. In order to avoid the rain, the two wedding parties took refuge in the same temple at the same time. The two women unexpectedly sat in the wrong sedan chair after the rain stopped and the sky cleared, which led to the start of two troubled marriages.


Because today is a lucky day and it is time for a girl from two households to get married, the story is set in Yangzhou. The Li Mansion’s Li Yuhu was grumbling to his parents about not wanting to wed General Yuan Buqu, and his parents were furious with him. Du Bingyan, on the other hand, likewise desired to wed a person she disliked. Her mother also understood that she had to wed an ill person in order to rejoice because the Du family needed money very now. For the benefit of his parents, Du Bingyan also consented to wed the third son of the Qi family. The father also made a number of kind remarks. The Li family made their daughter the identical bridal attire and sedan chair as the Du family in an effort to avoid falling short of them. Li’s father even made the declaration that he would depart before the Du family in an effort to gain an advantage over them. After changing into her bridal attire, Du Bingyan’s eyes were brimming with tears. Du Bingyan declared her willingness to wed Mr. Qi. Li Yuhu, however, resisted sitting in the sedan’s seat. The matchmaker was adamant that Li Yuhu wear a headscarf. At this time, Du Bingyan also got married. The matchmaker hastily approached and informed Li’s father that Li Yuhu had severed the crimson scarf.
Li Yuhu was warned by his worried father that they would not be allowed to go if he did not wed Yuan Buqu. Unyielding Li Yuhu ultimately consented to marry Yuan after his parents begged him to. Additionally, the matchmaker provided a brand-new crimson hijab, which Li Yuhu could only do as she was ordered and place on the sedan’s seat. Du Bingyan’s sedan chair had also arrived at this point. The Li family even purposefully blocked the team behind their home in an effort to defeat the Du family, and they held off letting Du Bingyan’s squad proceed until Li Yuhu emerged. It was still sunny, but then something unexpected happened, and it began to rain fiercely. The two sedan chair groups had to hurry to the temple in front to get shelter from the downpour due to the distance. One after the other, the two brides arrived at the temple while everyone else had already left and only Du Bingyan and Li Yuhu remained.
Li Yuhu complained upon his return to China that there was not a single monk in the enormous temple and that two maids were conversing close by. The two maids of Li Yuhu, Xiaoxi and Mei Xiang, were discussing the two young women who were getting married. object. In actuality, one of them was traveling to the south while the other was traveling to the north. The headscarf was raised by Li Yuhu and thrown directly upon the table, but Du Bingyan stood still next to him. The other party was greeted by Li Yuhu, who also requested that he remove his hijab. The two had never met before in this manner, and he also noted that their attire was similar. They were meant to be together from the beginning. Li Yuhu was a man, whereas Du Bingyan was a woman. They each envied one another for being able to find a decent husband. Due to his training in martial arts, Li Yuhu was unafraid of the other person. They both married Jinlan in the temple despite the fact that they were on the same boat and didn’t care for their spouse. Yuan Buqu had given Li Yuhu a gift as a betrothal present, which Li Yuhu passed to Du Bingyan along with some of Du Bingyan’s possessions. However, a monk arrived and informed everyone at this time.

They are instructed to evacuate the temple immediately since there would be a gory calamity there. Before the matchmaker dared enter, Du Bingyan covered each other’s heads and followed the two groups of sedans to their separate husbands’ homes. The bride was helped into the room by Xiao Xi. When the bride unzipped her scarf, Li Yuhu was revealed. When they first saw one another, they were both incredibly shocked. They appeared to have entered the incorrect sedan. Xiao Xi immediately informed Mother Lin about the circumstance. Later, Mother Lin realized that it was the incorrect hijab. Mei Xiang also learned from the bride’s perspective that she had erred. Initially, Du Bingyan wanted to swiftly trade the two individuals back, but Mei Xiang and Xiao Xi both made disparaging remarks about Third Young Master Qi and Yuan Buqu, respectively. Li Yuhu might be able to assist Du Bingyan, too, I hope.
Li Yuhu finally gave in after several tries. Li Yuhu added that he will be Du Bingyan this time. This is how Li Yuhu became a part of the Qi family. The third young master of the Qi family was waiting for her in the main hall at this precise moment. After a lavish ceremony, they were declared legally wed. since of this, the third young master of the Qi family was prevented from leaving and Li Yuhu was forced to sigh since he was truly a sick man. At night, Li Yuhu removed his headscarf and approached the individual to examine their face. The other individual then opened his eyes, frightening Li Yuhu.

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