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The Legend of Zhuohua China Series

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Synopsis The Legend of Zhuohua China Series

Mu Zhuohua said that after saving his wife and daughter, the man should have led the pursuers away. Both those who utilized eagle claw weapons and those who employed needles desired to kill this man. Two different groups of people carried out this. What kind of weapon produced such needle holes was unknown to Mu Zhuohua. With the blade in his hands, he recognized that it was a wandering needle, a special weapon used by the royal secret guard. Everyone sat silent for a time after hearing the story behind this weapon’s creation. Liu Yan was able to recall what took place when he was a child. The brother of the emperor was in class. He wanted to play with the weapon that the covert guard was using. According to the brother of the emperor, it was a lost needle. Now, he was unable to play with it. He can get it for him when he’s older. a set for self-defense. The emperor’s brother saved Liu Yan when he fell into the river. Already frail, the emperor’s brother would become more susceptible to sickness if he sustained this injury.


When Mu Zhuohua and Liu Yan went outside, they were unprepared for a killer to pursue them. Liu Yan and Mu Zhuohua fled, and they used their swords to stop the murderer. Liu Yan hid in the tree with Mu Zhuohua. When Mu Zhuohua observed Liu Yan’s thoughts, she reasoned that the royal secret guards would have long since perished if they had been present. He agreed to aid Liu Yan since he wanted to attempt it. Something was flung down, and smoke rose out of nowhere. Peilan, the Queen Mother’s niece, joined her inside the palace. Peilan acknowledged that she recognized who she was, and the Queen Mother expressed her satisfaction with her as well. The Queen Mother plainly made a pledge to herself that she wouldn’t take action against Liu Yan again when Your Majesty arrived to question her. Liu Yan was allegedly clinging to her and uncovering the truth about that year, according to the Queen Mother.


She had to act because she already knew where Yun Xiangyue was. His Majesty claimed that the Queen Mother had taken action against Liu Yan at the time, but he later learned that he had actually dealt with the fallout in order to protect her, which made him feel awful for Liu Yan. According to the Queen Mother, His Majesty wouldn’t be able to unwind until Liu Yan passed away. Liu Yan wouldn’t recall the brotherhood if he learned the true year. His Majesty said he had faith in Liu Yan. According to His Majesty, the son is responsible for paying off the mother’s debt. The Queen Mother then sacrificed her life to save Liu Yan since she wanted him to drown, which led to a fatal disease. The Queen Mother will be forced to continue setting the same example if she keeps up her determination. The Queen Mother became really irate. She didn’t anticipate being threatened by Her Majesty.


They will approach Liu Yan while holding the blade and admonish her not to harm the prince because their father and brother put their lives in danger to do so. Liu Yan and the others were immediately rescued by royal secret guards, and Liu Yan fled first with Mu Zhuohua. Liu Yan was conscious of the fact that few people were aware of his genuine physical state. Now that he had established that His Majesty did not intend to have him killed—otherwise, he would not have dispatched covert guards to save him—he did not wish to believe the other. In the end, it is preferable to not be biological than biological. Liu Yan just carried Mu Zhuohua back on his back after he contracted a cold and was exposed to the wind. Mu Zhuohua concerned that he wouldn’t be able to finish the college admission exam as he continued to mumble while still unconscious.


Mu Zhuohua received medicine from Liu Yan, who has been caring for him and raced back to the capital with Mu Zhuohua. When Mu Zhuohua awoke, he discovered that he had returned once more and felt relieved. Mu Zhuohua was also perplexed. He originally intended to hug Liu Yan’s thigh, but a powerful someone now desired Liu Yan’s death. He wasn’t sure if he should hold this thigh, but it was cold outside. Yan Liu Because he took care of him personally and didn’t abandon her, Mu Zhuohua developed a very tender heart. Liu Yan casually rode over Mu Zhuohua as time was running out. Guo Juli was visited by Zhimo, who instructed her to take the examination basket and wait at the Gongyuan gate for Mu Zhuohua. The test was about to start for Shen Jinghong. He received a set of the Four Treasures of the Study from Princess Roujia, who also sent her best wishes. Shen Jinghong expressed his happiness and promised to meet her expectations this time.

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