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My Journey to You Chinese Series

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Synopsis My Journey to You Chinese Series

The luggage was eventually found missing, and Gong Yuanzheng decided Shangguan Qian was to blame. He instructed workers to check Shangguan Qian’s chamber, and they really discovered a bag—but it didn’t contain a secret weapon; instead, it contained a white jade pendant. It turned out that Shangguan Qian had previously dropped the drawn concealed weapon bag on the grass by the palace gate and had spoken to Yun Weishan in Wufeng’s code language, allowing Yun Weishan to retrieve the bag. Yun Weishan then used Gong Ziyu’s hand to get the bag from Shangguan Qian and return it. journey to the palace. With Gong Shangjiao, Shangguan Qian discussed her background while wearing a white jade pendant that was uncovered. Although Gong Shangjiao was touched on the outside, his deep-seated mistrust of strangers persisted. Yun Weishan visited Yu Gong and saw to Gong Ziyu’s everyday needs.


Gong Ziyu unexpectedly lost her loved ones and frequently awoke during the night from nightmares. She received thoughtful comfort from Yun Weishan, and the chemistry between her and Gong Ziyu grew swiftly. Gong Ziyu enquired of Jin Fan about the details of the Three Realms Trial before heading to the Back Mountain. Jin Fan had pledged not to bring up the Back Mountain, despite the fact that he was from there. But Jin Fan was really concerned when Gong Ziyu climbed the rear mountain. The Three Realms Trial would be potentially fatal, Yun Weishan reasoned after noticing something odd about Jin Fan, so he went to the back mountain to help Gong Ziyu. Jin Fan was under the impression that Yun Weishan could protect Gong Ziyu using martial arts, but during their duel, Yun Weishan demonstrated his mastery of the Qingfeng Sect’s top swordsmanship, raising Jin Fan’s suspicions.


With Zhuomei, a follower of the Qingfeng Sect, Yun Weishan had a master-disciple relationship. She disclosed that she had married into the palace precisely because of Zhuomei’s advice and that she intended to live out the rest of her days in this tranquil setting. In order to assist Yun Weishan in reaching the back mountain, Jin Fan collaborated with Gong Zishang and offered her his green jade since he had faith that it was genuine. Gong Ziyu felt as though he had entered a new planet as Mr. Yue guided him the entire way into the rear mountain. The Three Styles of Snow Flow, the Xue family’s top-secret swordsmanship manual, was the subject of the first domain trial, which Mr. Xue revealed to Gong Ziyu in the Snow Palace. Gong Ziyu, who was already shivering, felt the bitter cold and hazily recalled memories of having visited this location as a young child.


To delight Gong Shangjiao, Shangguan Qian constructed a significant amount of Jiao royal’s courtyard on the hill in front of the royal gate. Gong Shangjiao did not protest to Shangguan Qian’s public display of self-assertion since he was preoccupied with looking into the matter of Gong Ziyu’s life experience. Shangguan Qian lacked confidence. Snow Palace residents found Yun Weishan after she crept into the rear mountain and set off the trap. Gong Ziyu made repeated unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the Ice Lotus Pond. He had significantly harmed his energy. As he returned home to rest, he witnessed Yun Weishan and Xue Chongzi engaged in combat. Yun Weishan was not a member of the palace, thus Xue Chongzi planned to kill her. The palace gate also underwent a significant change at the same time that Elder Yue was unexpectedly killed, just as everyone was beginning to believe that the royal gate had returned to tranquility. The killer left a gory trail and went by the name Wu Feng Wu Ming.

Gong Ziyu saves Yun Weishan just in time as her life is on the line. When Yun Weishan identified himself as a green jade guard for Gongzi Yu, he was granted permission to remain in the Snow Palace. It was chilly inside the snow palace. Gong Ziyu and Yun Weishan resorted to one another for warmth. They spoke gently, expressing their concern for him and how they had convinced Jin Fan to assist her in climbing the back mountain. Gong Ziyu felt a lot of emotion. The Snow Palace soon learned about Elder Yue’s murder. Gong Ziyu was grieving and enraged. He risked losing the trial by going right away to the scene of the crime. Everyone present in the Presbytery concluded that Wu Ming must be stopped in order for the royal gate to be tranquil for a day.


The topic of Wuming’s arrest was given to Gong Shangjiao in the fight between Gong Ziyu and Gong Shangjiao, and it was just for 10 days. The Wuming issue has not yet been made public, but it appears that Gong Ziyu’s status as a Gongmen bastard has been established. In order to gain independence, Gong Shangjiao previously paid a visit to Mrs. Kirihime in the hopes that she would be able to be completely honest about Gong Ziyu’s life experiences. A storm was due to hit the palace at this time. After giving it some thought, Mrs. Wuji made the decision to assist Gong Shangjiao and was prepared to hand over Gongziyu. Evidence that Ziyu is not descended from the Gongmen. Though Gong Ziyu worries about the palace’s security, completing the three-domain trial and becoming a swordsman right now is of utmost importance. Gong Ziyu struggled a number of times and nearly lost his balance while trying to overcome his body’s weakness from the cold. Gong Ziyu was the subject of Yun Weishan’s sympathy, and the two of them discussed and planned how to smuggle into the Ice Lotus Pond. Yun Weishan struggled for a while before coming up with a solution to go through the first domain trial.

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