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Lom Phat Phan Dao Thai Lakorn

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Synopsis Lom Phat Phan Dao Thai Lakorn

Working woman Daracha (Patcharapa Chaichua) at Lucky in Game But not in Love When Songwat (Jesadaporn Phondee), her first love, left, she was left with a significant heart condition. after leaving America Having prepared for divorce with his long-married wife Wasinee (Sopitnapa Chumphanee), he did so. Songwat returns to aid senior businesswoman Apret (Nattha Lloyd). Several five-star hotels’ owner Additionally, he oversees Daracha. This is due to the long-standing friendship between the Songwat family and the Daracha family, which dates back to their parents’ generation. Daracha appears to be a member of Perat’s family. Afterward, Daracha’s parents were killed in an accident. Bodin (Sarut Wijitranon), Nithida, and Daracha, three siblings, were left behind, making Preet and Basil (Chanana Nutakhom) their guardians. It may be mentioned that Daracha is greatly appreciated by Perat’s family.


the coming back of Songwat Daracha is reminded of the past and is reminded that Brother Watch is the one man who has her heart. But after that, God pulled a fast one. Send me a different dude. a man who is very different from Songwat. Wayu (Hasawee Phakphongpaisarn), a youthful masker, is the man in question. filled with charm Wayu fell in love with Darsha the moment he met her. He refrained from picking the flowers. As a result, he was only able to worryly observe Daracha from a distance. But due of his business obligations, Wayu has become more intimate with Daracha. On that day, Daracha was heartbroken and utterly perplexed. Daracha experiences warmth and joy from Vayu. Her drab existence takes into color. attempting new activities, such as riding a motorcycle. or partaking in street fare Because Daracha is a tidy individual. On the outside, seems like an egotistical individual. As a result, nobody had ever dared ask Daracha to participate in something similar before. 


Daracha’s close friends, Ivy (Nipaporn Thitithanakarn) and Nobel (Khemmarat Sunthornnon), see Wayu. I strive to inspire and help Daracha grow so that he may open his heart to receive the storm because I want my wonderful friend to end up with a decent person. The shuddering star Taking a more favorable view of Wayu than Warin (Varinda Damrongphon), a close buddy who dislikes Wayu. because Wayu didn’t complete his academic studies. Freelancing offers no security The group of pals divided into two. Daracha felt uncomfortable. and has not yet accepted Vayu totally. In addition, Songwat, who will soon divorce Vasinee, has rekindled his relationship with Daracha. The two men then engaged in an unrespectful competition. However, given what we had seen, Songwat had the upper hand. Songwat, who is angry, accidentally crosses paths with junior Thotsapon (Supasit Jongchewiwat).
the more I wish I could avoid it Instead, there was a reason they had to constantly be close to one another. Daracha must possess an extremely sharp mind. avoiding thinking too much about Songwat compared to his bigger sibling. Songwat is still a really good, ideal man with a tragic grin, nevertheless. Any lady who approaches him should be shaken. Ivy and Darsha debate this issue. Ivy speculates that Darsha must be dating someone. so I can take some time to reflect on my boyfriend. This individual will make Daracha stop thinking about Brother Watch and start thinking about other husbands and Wayu.

In the drama Wind Blows Through the Stars, beginning with the first episode, let’s find out who Daracha truly desires in her heart: Wayu, a man with whom she can be herself, and Songwat, the first love she will never forget!


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