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Faithful Chinese Series

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Synopsis Faithful Chinese Series

Lin Rulan, a young woman, chose to sue Wu Lian, the owner of the needlework facility, despite Meng Wan, her best friend, objecting. Because she was unable to sue the owner of the needlework shop and felt alone and powerless, she ultimately killed herself to prove her innocence. Meng Wan put in a lot of effort over the course of seven years to assemble Liu Xin and the other “Nine Righteous People” who were intimately connected to the Rulan case in order to put together a retribution team and hatch a plan to have the case dismissed. The girl fought and struggled, but time had buried them. In this process, it gradually emerged as well.

In the Yanyu Building, everyone was overjoyed to see Mr. Wu seven years ago. Everyone was eager to watch Mr. Wu paint alone because he had not been seen for a very long time. Meng Wan (played by Wu Qian) was working on embroidery while Lin Rulan (played by Hu Yixuan) was separating silk thread. Meng Wan was pushed by the passing needlework student Gao Chengcheng, who appeared to be innocent and smiled while pushing Meng Wan’s arm. The line also includes some mockery. Gao Chengcheng didn’t notice it, but Lin Rulan, who was standing to the side, got up and ran after her to demand an apology. Mr. Wu ultimately decided to accept responsibility for forcing Gao Chengcheng to apologize. In front of the audience, Wu Lian (played by Qiao Zhenyu) emerged next to the ecstatic Lian Rulan while appearing to be wearing golden light. Only Ding Ru was absent from the group that had come to await the painting.

There was news in the house as everyone was discussing it. A scream was heard. The group then went to the backyard after hearing the sound. When the woman’s bucket was set down after claiming to be gathering water from the well, a face floated across her face. Ding Ru’s shoes slipped and were seen on the side. For it, Grandma Chen requested her. It calms people’s hearts while chasing everybody away. Last night, Lin Rulan remembered that she unintentionally ran into Ding Ru sobbing in private inside the house. However, Lin Rulan did not go inside to investigate further out of a sense of remorse. Chen Zhiyuan, the magistrate of Huaizhou Prefecture, learned of the embroidered girl’s death in the Yanyu Building very promptly.

The parents of the deceased Yanyu embroidered girl informed the official about the Yanyu embroidered building, which was initially intended to be private. Gao Changqing was instructed by Chen Zhiyuan to go to the Duke’s Mansion and inform Mrs. Ning Guogong of the situation. Mrs. Zhi Ning Guo Gong didn’t care about the dead embroidered girl and simply handed it to Magistrate Chen for him to handle. Using Ding Ru as a pretext, Lin Rulan tracked down Wu Lian and timidly approached him while he fluffed her hair. Lin Rulan was instructed by Wu Lian to hone her embroidery talents and he would eventually pay her a visit. Lin Rulan departed cheerfully but regretfully. Lin Rulan discovered something after sneaking into Ding Ru’s room.

Her family had a pharmacy, and Lin Rulan had some knowledge of pharmacology. After carefully examining the prescription, it appeared that it had been abandoned. Meng Wan’s motions trembled as Lin Rulan told him about it, but Lin Rulan was unsure and gave the prescription to Meng Wan. The following day, Gao Chengcheng made sarcastic comments while chatting with other embroidered females in the courtyard about Ding Ru’s passing. Gao Chengcheng and Lin Rulan argued because Lin Rulan could not bear to listen. Ding Ru’s parents and the benevolent Lin Rulan both showed up in the courtyard during the argument.


The final suitcase was packed in Ding Ru’s room with the assistance of his parents. Before departing, Ding Rulan’s mother sobbed as she grasped Lin Rulan’s hand and lamented the forced death of her daughter. Worried, Lin Rulan went back to Ding Ru’s room to investigate, but Nanny Chen interrupted and escorted Lin Rulan out. Meng Wan’s needlework was excessively dense, Wu Lian said as she entered the embroidery room, pointing out the embroidery of the embroidery girl. Mr. Wu examined the work of each embroidery girl, excluding Lin Rulan’s. Wu Lian pushed the door open late at night and went inside Meng Wan’s bedroom. Meng Wan shuddered and took a step back, making sure to warn Wu Lian to keep away from Lin Rulan. Meng Wan was taken into Wu Lian’s arms as he gave her a passionate neck kiss. Lin Rulan, who was at the door, just so happened to catch this scene. Lin Rulan, who didn’t want to deal with it, hurried back to her room and knelt on the floor. She was filled with rage as she thought about Meng Wan’s odd behaviors and was unable to fall asleep.

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