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Elegant Empire Korean Series

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Synopsis Elegant Empire Korean Series

] Yeon Hwi-seon The small screen was enthralled by actor Kim Jin-woo’s intense acting.

The story of Ki-yoon’s birth was revealed in the 22nd episode of KBS 2TV’s “Elegant Empire,” which was portrayed by Kim Jin-woo.

Ki-yoon remembered the past on this day’s program by pulling an old cell phone out of a desk drawer. Ki-yoon’s father Chang-seong (played by Nam Gyeong-eup), who always placed first in class, gave him a cell phone as a gift. When asked about the moment, Kiyun replied, “I was the happiest then. My father finally acknowledged me on that one day.

Then, in the subsequent flashback scene, Ki-yoon was seen getting ruthlessly spanked by his father each time he didn’t take first place. His father had been abusing him both physically and emotionally for a very long time. The home theater was moved to tears when he saw Ki-yoon crying while still grinning and saying, “This is the only gift my father gave me,” as he continued to stare at his phone.

When his mother Hye-rim (Kim Seo-ra) arrived to his home in response to his cries, Ki-yoon questioned her, “Mom, who is my biological father?” Ki-yoon admitted that he had previously seen a genetic test that had revealed he was not his father’s biological son and that, as a result, he liked his father better.



When the tragic tale of Ki-yoon, who was extremely obsessed with his father’s favor and did horrible crimes as a result, was disclosed, people started to dispute, saying things like, “You look pitiful all of a sudden,” and “Don’t rationalize it like that.”


While his wife Jacqueline (played by Son Seong-yoon) was away on a business trip, Ki-yoon drank wine with Hee-jae (played by Han Ji-wan) in the bedroom. After taking a shower and trying to get dressed, Hee-jae spilt wine over Ki-yoon. When Hee-jae claimed it was acceptable to leave it like way, Ki-yoon pulled off his shirt and drank the wine. After seeing this scene while returning to her home, Jacqueline smacked Hee-jae, and Ki-yoon responded angrily by smacking Jacqueline in the face.


Thanks to the extensive acting experience that Kim Jin-woo has amassed over time, he demonstrated his passionate acting abilities that made us feel sorry for him despite the fact that he committed countless horrible crimes.

One by one, Son Seong-yoon is being made whole for the crimes he did in the past.
Seo Hee-jae (played by Han Ji-wan), in the 32nd episode of KBS 2TV’s daily drama “Elegant Empire,” was shown splitting the relationship between Jang Ki-yoon (played by Kim Jin-woo) and Jacqueline Taylor (played by Son Seong-yoon).

On this day’s broadcast, Jang Ki-yoon learned the truth of Hong Hye-rim’s birth from Kim Seo-ra, who plays the character. Jang Chang-seong (played by Namgyeong-eup) did not have a biological son named Jang Ki-yoon. When Jang Ki-yoon learned that his biological father was a murderer and an alcoholic, he was horrified and sobbed.

Seo Hee-jae was then given a ring by Jung Woo-hyuk as a proposal. Seo Hee-jae responded, sobbing as she was held in Jung Woo-hyuk’s arms and was saddened by her unrequited love. Seo Hee-jae then pretended to be departing on a business trip to Jung Woo-hyuk before making her way to Jang Ki-yoon’s residence. Seo Hee-jae was welcomed by Jang Ki-yoon and Hong Hye-rim. When Seo Hee-jae visited Jang Ki-yoon’s residence, he offered her wine to set a subdued mood.


Without Jang Ki-yoon’s knowledge, Seo Hee-jae made an unauthorized phone call to Jacqueline Taylor and relayed the audio of the discussion through the receiver. Furious, Jacqueline Taylor instantly swung the car around and started driving back to the couple’s home.
Unaware of this, Jang Ki-yoon continued his private talk in the bedroom with Seo Hee-jae while sipping wine. In the meantime, Jang Ki-yoon went to her shower room and removed her clothing after Seo Hee-jae purposefully splashed wine on them.

Jacqueline Taylor was expected to arrive home at a certain hour, so Seo Hee-jae planned a provocative scenario. When Jacqueline Taylor got home at that precise moment, she lost control of her excitement and smacked Seo Hee-jae. Jang Ki-yoon smacked Jacqueline Taylor in the face on Seo Hee-jae’s behalf just as the actor was about to strike back. As she watched Jang Ki-yoon and Son Seong-yoon part ways, Seo Hee-jae grinned with delight.


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