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Egg and Stone Chinese Drama

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Synopsis Egg and Stone Chinese Drama

Strangers surrounded Huo Xingchen. Jiang Buting showed up at the crucial moment, and the two joined forces to combat the adversary. They simultaneously freed the Salted Fish Knight and Chen Jie, who they had met in the dungeon. Huo Xingchen took the initiative to get bit by the stranger in order to defend Jiang Buting. Huo Xingchen didn’t forget to assist Jiang Buting in making inquiries regarding his master’s location even though he became gradually insane after being bitten, which astonished Jiang Buting. Jiang Buting was to be abandoned by Huo Xingchen, who didn’t want to accuse him. Jiang Buting, however, resisted leaving and instead helped Huo Xingchen flee to a hut in the woods. Jiang Buting returned to Shenyao Village in search of the cure, but she discovered that the experimental results had already been documented in the manuscript, making them irrevocable.


Huo Xingchen unintentionally bit Jiang Buting. opted to drown together with Huo Xingchen. After one night, Jiang Buting realized he wasn’t a stranger anymore. He surmised that his master’s medications were to blame, so he gave Huo Xingchen his final life-saving dose, and Huo Xingchen recovered his sanity. However, Huo Xingchen’s unconscious attack and internal wounds caused Jiang Buting to collapse. Jiang Buting was returned to Jiang’s home by Jiang Buying, and Jiang’s mother temporarily recovered Jiang Buting’s body using the elixir that had been left by Jiang Buting’s master. Jiang Buting made the decision to personally send Huo Xingchen back to Wuyuemen, but Huo Xingchen believed that Jiang Buting had gone to Wuyuemen to make a marriage proposal.



Huo Xingchen informed Huo Qingliu that he wanted Jiang Buting after arriving back at Wuyue Gate. Huo Qingliu asked Jiang Buting whether he was willing to marry into the Huo family during a feast at Huo Xingchen’s urging, but Jiang Buting said that he was not. Jiang Buting believed himself to be unworthy despite knowing that he would perish if he could not find a teacher. Furious, Huo Xingchen went to Huo Qingliu to acquire the remedy. Huo Qingliu offered Huo Xingchen the “antidote” because he was unable to handle his sadness. Huo Xingchen left the Wuyue Gate after ingesting the antidote, overcame the guards, and eventually caught up with him. Jiang Buting prepared to depart from Wuyuemen. Jiang Buting observed this scene and noted Huo Xingchen’s lack of martial arts expertise.

Jiang Buting brutally disproved the fabrication Wuyuemen had been hiding for a long time. Huo Xingchen had no interior strength, in actuality. After receiving a serious blow, Huo Xingchen was unable to recuperate. Huo Xingchen was at this point being attentively consoled by Mu Binghe, but Huo Xingchen was unable to recover. Even harder hit were the stars. Huo Xingchen was once more cheered up by Jiang Buting and Huo Xingchen’s sincere comments. Jiang Buting agreed that Huo Xingchen could not refuse to accompany him when he returned to the world if he could fight Jiang Buting in seven days. Huo Qingliu was approached by Mu Binghe who wanted him to help Huo Xingchen. However, Huo Qingliu made it plain that Mu Binghe was not yet a son-in-law and requested that Mu Binghe deal with the wandering stranger first.



The seven-day appointment took place as scheduled, and despite being scarred, Huo Xingchen utilized his unwavering willpower to vanquish Jiang Buting. As agreed, Jiang Buting brought Huo Xingchen into the world. Jiang Buying claimed in the inn that Qingfeng Village held hints on the foreigner. Jiang Buting worriedly followed Huo Xingchen as he went to investigate after learning about it. Patrol police found Jiang Buting and Huo Xingchen in Qingfeng Village. Dr. Hao fortunately intervened to save the two. There was a peculiar person in Xicao Village, according to Doctor Hao. The two made the decision to head straight to Xicao Village. In order to follow the hero in his heart and escape the circle of heroes, Mu Yaoguang, who was preoccupied with them, ran into Huo Xingchen, who was dressing as a guy.


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