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Butterflied Lover Chines Series

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Synopsis Butterflied Lover Chines Series

Moon and Wind On this day, Tang Qianyue requested money from Ling Changfeng in order to make a purchase. Ling Changfeng cheerfully gave Tang Qianyue half of it, but Tang Qianyue felt that it was insufficient and desired the entire amount. Ling Changfeng followed her own wishes. He gave Tang Qianyue the entire sum of money. Tang Qianyue purchased a large number of shoes, presented them to the underprivileged people who were barefoot, and dressed the young girl in new shoes by hand. As Tang Qianyue acted, Ling Changfeng, who was hiding in the corner, couldn’t help but smile. However, he made a mistake. He found Tang Qianyue was missing right away. He hastily looked around because he was very anxious. Fortunately, he soon discovered Tang Qianyue dressing the puppy’s shoes in a secluded area. Laughing was impossible for Ling Changfeng. Tang Qianyue was really perplexed. Today, Ling Changfeng was giggling nonstop. Tang Qianyue enquired since he was perplexed as to why he continued chuckling. Ling Changfeng couldn’t help but laugh once more as he remembered the instance of placing shoes on a dog and pointed out emphatically that the dog was not wearing shoes.


You should wear shoes. Mr. Yan and Miss Si are wed at this time. They write their authentic words on a Kongming lantern while holding the lantern together. They show the other half of the dagger covertly since they are wary of one another. In order to light the Kongming Lantern, Tang Qianyue also needed Ling Changfeng’s assistance, but she was unable to write. Miss Si and Mr. Yan didn’t find Ling Changfeng till after that. They made the decision to return to their conversation and Ling Changfeng promptly put the dagger aside. When Feng realized this, he too sheathed his blade only partially.

Ling Changfeng made the decision to begin teaching Tang Qianyue how to read Chinese characters with his name. Ling Changfeng adopted the surname Tang because Tang Qianyue enjoyed sweets. The 1,000 characters were straightforward. Originally, Tang Qianyue intended to call the figure she created Qiansui, but this Ling Changfeng considered the harmony between the wind and the moon in order to give Tang Qianyue his current name because the name was prohibited. Tang Qianyue was able to understand the world since she was quick to identify characters and read books.


She frequently purchased a stack of them. Tang Qianyue was enthralled by the storybook on this particular day and couldn’t help but laugh aloud. Ling Changfeng enquired inquisitively as to what Tang Qianyue had read. Ling Changfeng had a piece read to him by Tang Qianyue. It was a little, Ling Changfeng discovered. Tang Qianyue tried to continue reading the pornographic book, but it quickly grabbed it from her grasp. However, Tang Qianyue hurried to get the conclusion since she was curious. She thrust herself into Ling Changfeng’s arms, but she still wasn’t able to get there. Unexpectedly, she was directed toward Ling Changfeng’s The small bite on Ling Changfeng’s neck gave him an odd feeling.

Tang Qianyue appeared to recognize that what she was doing was improper and quickly fled. Tang Qianyue learned how to walk, sit, and lay down from Aunt Hong. Tang Qianyue managed to go from a rough and tumble person to a woman by controlling her tears. Ling Changfeng arrived home from work on this particular day, and Tang Qianyue was there to kindly welcome her while holding a lantern. Ling Changfeng complained that Tang Qianyue hadn’t visited the house in two years after the two of them had supper together. When Tang Qianyue observed that Ling Changfeng enjoyed this sensation, she made a commitment to wait for him to return for supper each day. But there was a gulf between them because Ling Changfeng had been engaged to Shen Qin from the Prime Minister’s Mansion since he was a young boy, and their wedding was set for the following year.


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