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Beauty of Resilience Chinese Series

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Synopsis Beauty of Resilience Chinese Series

In the Wei Kingdom, immortality cultivation is widespread, yet most individuals are unable to achieve immortality. Wei Zhi is a quiet and reserved girl who has been a broom star since she was a young child, yet she is not a coward. She is played by Ju Jingyi. She bravely took part in the ritual marking her coming of age in order to challenge the concept of immortality. Wei Zhi’s group of 36 attendees at the coming-of-age ceremony saw the Phoenix figure in the Immortal Appraisal Mirror. As a result, everyone was sent to Egret Academy to continue their education. The third Miss of the Wei family, who had the best credentials of all of them, quickly rose to the top as a favorite to carry on the Phoenix bloodline. The harsh teacher Yan Yue (played by Guo Junchen) in the academy tormented all the well-dressed young girls until they began to groan. Yan Yue is actually the Heavenly Lord of the Upper Realm, and the reason for his descent to Earth is to uncover the Phoenix bloodline’s future heir since, according to mythology, the Phoenix is a fearsome creature that will undoubtedly destroy the three worlds. Yan Yue’s goal is to kill the Phoenix, but he also has the power to His ability to take the throne of Heavenly King will be his hardest test. Despite being constrained by the laws of heaven and unable to meddle in human matters, Yan Yue gradually grew fond of the intelligent and tenacious Wei Zhi.



The Shangshu Mansion’s hardworking maid is named Wei Zhi. She wants to get through the Immortals selection process so she can enroll in the academy, practice, and alter her fate. Wei Zhi’s mother, however, just desired for daughter to wed someone, regardless of their disability. Wei Zhi made every effort to free himself from his mother’s constraints. On the day of evaluating immortals, a brilliant light flashed in the mirror of evaluating and slammed into the celestial palace. As soon as the Phoenix entered the world, the Red Sun God Lord Yanyue hurried to heaven to receive instructions on where to find it. The Phoenix is also being watched by the demon realm. Everyone who appeared in front of the Immortal Mirror that day entered the academy, whose instructor was Yan Yue, in an effort to locate the Phoenix. Yan Yue felt a pang in his chest when he first saw Wei Zhi and imagined that Wei Zhi was wearing a bridal gown.



The ability to teleport was taught to everyone, and Wei Lingyue quickly mastered it. Wei Lingyue was led to the city gate by Yan Yue for moral instruction after mistaking her for a phoenix. The Queen of Heaven also requested that the rain deity Yanluo keep away from the seat of authority and begged the Emperor of Heaven for permission to garrison Yingzhou. The National Preceptor dispatched spies to the academy to keep a watch on it and search for the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a symbol of power. In search of delectable cuisine, Yi’er mistakenly entered the Happy Building and requested Yan Yue’s assistance. Unable to argue, Yan Yue bumped into Wei Zhi as she exited the Happy Building. Wei Zhi had his wallet stolen by a kid on the way back. He pursued him and discovered that the mother of the child had passed away from illness. Wei Zhi implored Yan Yue to use fairy magic to save people, but Yan Yue said that fate decided who lived and who died, leaving Wei Zhi with the impression that he didn’t care.

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